Good behaviour is essential for effective teaching and learning to take place. At Ermine Street Church Academy, we believe that pupils and staff have the right to work in an environment that is safe, friendly, calm and fair. Good behaviour must be carefully developed and supported. High self-esteem promotes good behaviour, effective learning and positive relationships. Learning experiences should be planned with pupil engagement at the forefront of teachers’ minds; engaging lessons promote good behaviour. The best results, in terms of promoting good behaviour, arise from emphasising potential, rewarding success and giving praise for effort and achievement, rather than focusing on shortcomings and failure. However, consequences and sanctions are an important part of our approach too and are used to help children understand the difference between right and wrong.

Pupils, parents, teachers and support staff all take collective responsibility for the promotion of the highest standards of behaviour at Ermine Street Church Academy.

All children, staff and visitors are encouraged to live by ‘The Ermine Street Ethos’ whilst in school.


The Ermine Street Ethos

 Thank you for respecting everyone.

Please take responsibility for your choices.

Thank you for serving others.

Please care for yourself.

Thank you for being a tenacious learner.

Please smile at your successes and your mistakes.


A copy of our Positive Behaviour Policy and our Anti-Bullying Policy can be found on our 'Policies' page.

Our Positive Behaviour Policy also encompasses reference to exclusion guidance.