New School, New Challenges



Welcome to Ermine Street Church Academy, a place where children will ‘Explore, Discover, Learn’ in an exciting new environment.

Our new school will open in September on the Alconbury Weald development, just north of Huntingdon. It will be a place where learning is all about experiences, where personal development will be valued as much as academic achievement and where we will understand, support and challenge every individual child.

Ermine Street will welcome you and the invaluable partnership that must exist between school and parents. Together we will ensure that your unique, precious child enjoys a rewarding learning journey that prepares them for life-long learning. 

To begin with, class sizes will be small and most classes will be mixed-age. In time the school will have two classes for every year group and a nursery and wrap-around care facility.

The school is jointly Anglican and Methodist, and will benefit from the support of both Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust, and Methodist Academies and Schools Trust. At the heart of Diocese schools are children and we are dedicated to caring for the whole child and to opening hearts and minds. We strive to excite, captivate and challenge – for children who are excited, captivated and challenged develop a love of learning and achieve well.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Adrian Shepherd


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