Learning about, understanding and having respect for the different religions in our world is a cornerstone of our school curriculum. Religious Education has two dimensions – learning about and learning from. Learning about can be considered as looking through a window – learning from what we see, hear and experience.  Learning from is more like a mirror – learning that encourages children to ask questions about what is this reflecting to me and how can I respond.

Ermine Street follows the Cambridgeshire Syllabus for RE, using Understanding Christianity and World Faith units. In addition, as an Academy opened in partnership with the Methodist Schools Trust, we have developed a unit which explores the history and teachings of Methodism. Each of our unit begins with a key question to initiate enquiry-led learning and reflection. Attainment in RE is assessed by teachers once per half-term, at the end of each unit of learning.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education if they so wish. Such requests should be made to the Headteacher.

Our RE Policy can be found here.

Our curriculum map for RE can be found here.