Below you will find forms and documents which may be useful to you at some time during the school year:

Walking to school

We ask that parents/carers walk to and from school with their children until they are in at least Year 5. When parents do wish for their children to walk alone they should confirm this in writing to the school (an e-mail will suffice).

Medicines in school

Medical Consent form - click here

Please complete this form if your child needs medication to be administered to them during the school day. The form and the medication (in the original, named container) should be handed in to the school office.


If your child has unfortunately suffered from vomiting or diarrhea they should not attend school for 48 hours after the last episode. To find out if your child is able to attend school when they are experiencing other forms of illness please click here.  

Absence requests

Children of school age who are registered at a school must, by law, attend school regularly. Regular attendance is the best way of ensuring that a child makes the most of the educational opportunities which are available to him or her. In fact, our target for a child’s attendance is 97%.
Prior to June 2013, the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 allowed for headteachers to grant leave of absence for a term time family holiday in 'special circumstances' and for extended leave in exceptional circumstances. Amendments to these regulations remove references to family holidays and extended leave. The amendments make it clear that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.
If parents take their child on holiday in term time this will be counted as unauthorised absence.

If you would like to request leave of absence for your child please complete this form and bring it to the school office at least 2 weeks before the date being requested.