First meeting for parents

This week we have held our first meeting for parents. At this stage there were just a few but it was an extremely significant moment and I wish we'd taken a photograph. The first parents of the first children who will walk into Ermine Street Church Academy.

These children are taking that major step of starting school and so I think they might have an advantage, even over the staff. They are not arriving with any preconceptions or experiences that influence their view, they are arriving fresh and ready for a new, exciting experience which they will form.

Treating common things as if they are a completely new experience is reported to be a great way of stimulating our minds and reigniting our feelings of awe and wonder. Therefore, I will be watching the Reception children carefully and reflecting on their responses. I think we have a lot to learn from them that we can use to help children of all ages to engage in their learning. In addition, we can apply what we learn to continuously improve our induction procedures for young and older children.