Almost ready to open...

We are now less than 2 weeks away from opening to the first children. The school has been handed over to us and just a few external works are in the process of being completed. It is now possible for you to drive up to the front of the school and see the building for yourself; it is a magnificent sight. It is now time for the staff and governors to ensure that the quality of education matches the quality of the building!

For the last ten days we have been receiving and sorting many, many deliveries. Obviously, opening from scratch we need every possible item from hoovers to pencils and from footballs to library books. The library in particular looks magnificent with the books all set out ready for someone to come and read them.

Last week we appointed our caterer who will provide healthy, hot meals, cooked on site, from the beginning of term. The company is called ‘Lunchtime’ and parents and children will receive further details next week.

As mentioned previously, if you or anyone you know is considering moving to Alconbury Weald we are holding some open house events in September. These take place on 14th September at 10am, 23rd September at 2pm and 28th September at 6pm. There is no need to let us know you are coming, please just turn up. In addition, we are also holding some open house events for the local community to come in and have a look round. The first of these is at 6pm on 11th October.

First meeting for parents

This week we have held our first meeting for parents. At this stage there were just a few but it was an extremely significant moment and I wish we'd taken a photograph. The first parents of the first children who will walk into Ermine Street Church Academy.

These children are taking that major step of starting school and so I think they might have an advantage, even over the staff. They are not arriving with any preconceptions or experiences that influence their view, they are arriving fresh and ready for a new, exciting experience which they will form.

Treating common things as if they are a completely new experience is reported to be a great way of stimulating our minds and reigniting our feelings of awe and wonder. Therefore, I will be watching the Reception children carefully and reflecting on their responses. I think we have a lot to learn from them that we can use to help children of all ages to engage in their learning. In addition, we can apply what we learn to continuously improve our induction procedures for young and older children. 


I hope you're enjoying our new website. 

I've now been in post just over a month and I'm very pleased to report that things are coming together nicely. The Ermine Street staff team is growing, with 4 of us now appointed. Our Business Manager, Mrs Mathews, starts straight after the half-term break and I'm extremely excited about having someone to talk to!

In addition to staff, furniture, ICT, resources and equipment are all being ordered and will be delivered during the summer so that we are ready for day one.

And we already have 6 children on roll with expectations of many more to follow before September.

Ahead of September I'll use this blog to keep you up to date with progress and then I will use it to share learning and life at Ermine Street Church Academy.