vision & Aims

To be the heartbeat of the community, rooted and established in God’s Love (Eph 3:17); bearing fruit in all seasons (Jer 17:8).

Explore: without fear; our potential; serving others.

Discover: new talents and interests; family; we belong.

Learn: to reflect; compassion; we can make a difference.
There are two special gifts we should give our children; one is roots and the other is wings.
— Widely attributed to Goethe


Every new experience, every new friend and every new conversation is an opportunity to better understand the amazing world we live in.  At Ermine Street Church Academy, each day will be a brand new adventure; a safe, nurtured, guided journey through the wonder of life.

The curriculum is designed to allow children the freedom and independence to develop a focused curiosity and a courage and resilience to find things out for themselves. Through innovative and stimulating activities children will foster a thirst and confidence throughout the primary phase, from their first day to their last.

Through exploration, we aspire to help the next generation of young adults become world changing artists, scientist, mechanics, programmers, authors and mathematicians.



At every stop on the way, children will be encouraged to reflect on and evaluate each of their precious discoveries to identify what understanding they can build on and what motivations they can harness for the next challenge.

By helping our young pioneers at Ermine Street Church Academy to share their achievements with others, communicate what they know and work together supportively and thoughtfully, we aim to develop a culture of celebration and aspiration and inclusive committed teamwork where anything and everything is possible.

Through discovery we hope that our future leaders, guiders and influencers can shape our world with compassion and tenacity.



As a result of the warm, caring and inspirational physical and emotional environment at Ermine Street Church Academy, learning will be lasting, relevant, and test the limits of what we know now and how we can prepare our children for a continually changing future.

Learners will become experts and masters because they will have the opportunity to apply what they know, understand and can do in a range of different contexts with meaning, purpose and fun.

With firm foundations laid as a result of irresistible teaching and continuous challenge offered through the highest expectations for all.