Admissions & Attendance

Ermine Street Church Academy is open to children from Reception through to Year 6.

Our Admissions Policy can be found below.

As stated in the policy, first priority is given to children who live on the Alconbury Weald development. Places are then offered beyond this area according to distance from the school. Whilst the school is growing, there is a limit on the number of places we can admit to each year group. This number is reviewed regularly by our Local Governing Body.

We currently offer 20 places in Reception (which can increase to 30 for Alconbury Weald children), Year 1 and Year 2. All other year groups have a limit of 12 children. These limits will grow over time. From September 2019 we will admit a maximum of 30 children into Reception.

The management of our admissions has been delegated to Cambridgeshire County Council. To apply for a place at Ermine Street Church Academy please complete the form found here.  

If you are considering applying for a place please join us for a tour. These take place every week on Mondays at 1.45pm and on Fridays at 9.30am.

Prior to a child’s first official day at Ermine Street they are invited to spend a short transition session with us. This will enable them to meet the children and adults who they will be with and begin to become familiar with the school. Transition sessions are from 9.15-10.30am on a Wednesday or Thursday. From experience, we know that they make a significant difference to how quickly children settle in. When your child comes on their transition visit please bring your school admission form (which includes emergency contacts etc) which we will have previously given you.

All children officially start on a Monday so that changes to classes are minimised.

For further information about the school please look around our website and follow our Twitter feed @Ermine_Str_CA

We look forward to meeting you.

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Over the course of this year so far the children have averaged an attendance figure of 96.7%. This is very pleasing and not far from our target of 97%. The fact that 96.7% is an average means that some children's attendance is well above this, whilst others are below. There will occasionally be times when children need to be at home because they really are unwell and we fully appreciate that. However, we aim for 97% because it means that your child will miss less than 6 days of school per year. Compare this with an attendance figure of 90%. At first it might sound ok, but it actually means that the child has been absent for a whole month of learning.

We would be grateful if you could take a moment to read the information below about attendance and lateness so that you have a full understanding of what they mean for your child and what our policies are.

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Click here for our Attendance Policy.